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Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!
2014.02.25 19:08:21

Whether our hair is virgin or chemically treated (color or relaxer treatments) hydration is the key to keeping our locks looking great through these cold rough winter days. The appearance of dry, dull hair is absent of moisture. Just as the body needs water to be hydrated, the hair needs water too. Water is the only ingredient for moisture and hydration. For hydration, a hot towel treatment or a stream treatment can bring that dull brittle hair back to life and allow for longer lasting styles.

Boiling-WaterOnce the hair has been properly hydrated the water molecules need to be locked into the cuticle with a leave in serum or light oil before drying. The oil locks in the moisture and the hair is the protected from heat and daily styling. You know how it feels after you get a facial steam, Fresh and Vibrant. Well that is how your hair looks after a steam treatment, bouncy, shiny and full of life. Don’t forget to add the steam treatment on your to do list on your next appointment!

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