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Extensions. Express Your Already Beautiful Self
2012.09.18 14:19:39
Although NOW is the best time for women and teenagers to express themselves with their hair in the way they want to, so many teenagers are opting for long, to the waist extensions.  Women and teens have lots of options, from natural styles, braids, twists, relaxed, extensions in a variety of techniques and textures so on and so forth.  I think teenagers are trying to emmulate the women on reality TV and are thinking this is the way they should look.  I would like to see more variety in the hairstyling among African-American women on tv instead of everyone looking the same.  Whether they know it or not they are role models to our teens.

I don't have a problem with extensions at all, I just don't want these young ladies feeling like they must have extra long hair to feel valued because that is far from the truth. I also don't want to see more and more damaged hair due to excessive weaving and extensions without proper care. Young ladies need to know that they are of value with or without extensions. Whats important is substance, character, and healthy hair completes the package.

I definitely understand the need to want to look nice and that is commendable but don't get it twisted as India Arie sings, "I am not my hair, I am the soul that lives within."

Hey teens, if you want to emmulate someone try to emmulate Gabby Douglas US Gold Medal Gymnast or First lady Michelle Obama. And if you choose to wear it, wear it well, don't let it wear you!! And please don't forget to take care of your own hair underneath.

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