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Jacob's Rite of Passage

The Great Depression. The South. Young Jacob's story unfolds during a difficult time, in the unforgiving south, a hard place for an African-American boy, Jacob Pete Manor, as he embarks upon his personal journey; his Rite of Passage.

Fourth and final child, born to a family of sharecroppers from the rural area of Fayetteville North Carolina, Jacob uncovers pertinent life truths that involve mother-son over-bonding, betrayal, abandonment, sexual explorations, misconceptions of “manhood,” and other crucial challenges and milestones which ultimately lead Jacob to becoming the man God destined him to be.

Jacob was a dreamer, with very high aspirations, whose ambitions exceeded the scope of what a climate of segregation, inadequate school systems, and a mind set of inferiority dictated for a young African-American male.

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Punkin' and the Praying Mantis

This book is a novel based on the story of the author's childhood while living in the backwoods of Alabama in the "Iron Fists" of her step-father, a debauched country preacher, who abuses her and uses her for his own sexual gratification after accidentally killing her mother. It embodies the gamut of emotions, suspense, sex, sadness, joy, humor and triumph. It is a macabre story of her life from age five to age eleven. It involves a number of burning issues 3/4 domestic violence, murder, incest, and child abuse. She survived not one but all of these traumatizing ordeals before she was ten years old. Many will wonder how she survived these unspeakable horrors. Others will wonder why she didn't run away or seek help. Yet, you must realize that a seven-year-old child is not in control of its own life. They are only helpless beings; ill equipped, and yet shackled with the task of dealing with whatever hand fate has dealt to them. Before her mother was killed, she was raised to respect and obey adults without question, and without contest. As a result, she was condemned to bear her cross alone. Her main purpose for telling her story is out of concern for today's abused children and for the benefit of others who may have had to endure similar atrocities and have not yet overcome the after effects of their ordeal. Although this book is a story about a child, it is ironic that it is not fit for a child to read. Because of the sadism and the explicit descriptions of sexual perversions that it contains, its contents are definitely for "adults only.

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